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We’ve all been there - attempting to keep up with the ever-changing Instagram trends and testing new ideas to see what sticks with our audience. Our Instagram Audits take the guesswork out of your content planning.

Our unique approach includes a deep dive into your Instagram insights and analytics and consolidates all of that information into easy-to-understand reports. These reports allow us to see patterns and consistent themes from a bird's eye view so you can make smart and strategic adjustments to your content and marketing plan. 

let's Create a social media marketing plan based on data, insights, and strategy.

what's included 

  • Targeted Instagram Audit
  • Customized Dashboard with Results
  • 30-Minute Clarity Call 

Audits may be booked as a one-time service to help you gain clarity or on a quarterly basis to track progress and results. 

Take it from our Audit clients...

"Since working with Dani at Tuller Equine I have seen a huge improvement in my engagement on Social Media. Dani is an expert in her field and explained everything to me in a way I would understand. When she did an IG audit on my page, it helped me understand what my best posts are, the best day and time of day to post to get optimal exposure. I highly recommend reaching out to Dani to see where she can help you!"

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custom data reports


As business owners, we always strive to make smart business decisions. However, it can be difficult to make big decisions without all of the facts. 

Our Custom Data Reports allow us to target specific business areas and illustrate how to improve pain points or bottlenecks as well as highlight areas of great business success to demonstrate how you can continue to be successful.

A few common ways clients use custom data reports are:

Start Making Strategic Decisions for Your Business based on data

what's included 

  • One Custom Report Based on the Subject of Your Choice
  • Report dashboard with Results
  • 30-Minute Clarity Call 

  • interpreting your Shopify and e-commerce sales reports
  • analyzing your customers’ demographics
  • determining where most of your clients are located to optimize your schedule

Take it from our data report clients...

"Dani helped with data analytics for my equine bodywork business. The graphics she was able to produce were not only beautiful, they were also user-friendly and easy for the average business owner to understand. The statistics she was able to produce for me helped me make some important business decisions regarding where to allocate staff and resources. This kind of insight is fantastic to have when setting and tracking goals. "

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one-on-one consulting


Data is most helpful when you have a clear plan on how to use it to improve and accountability to ensure you’re making strides in your business. We offer one-on-one consulting for clients who need a deeper level of support in executing a new business plan or who want to achieve actionable and measurable business goals.

Consulting is most beneficial when it is booked after purchasing an Instagram Audit or Custom Data Report, however, that is not required. 

let's make strides towards your business goals, together

consulting packages are built on a custom basis to suit each client's needs

b2b partnerships


We understand how valuable your time is. We are willing to bet that your time is best spent working directly with your clients, rather than collecting and analyzing your client’s data.

Our partnership opportunities allow you to bring us on for client projects that could benefit from collecting, organizing, analyzing, and reporting important data. This service directly supports the work you are already doing with them. When your client’s reports are ready, we can either share them directly with you to review with your client or join you and your client on a strategy call.

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